Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are my basement walls moist?

Having moist and soggy basement walls is a nuisance. Moisture could ruin pieces of furniture and other fixtures, not mention the foul smell it produces. The moisture on your basement walls comes from rainfall, melting snow, or worse, rising groundwater. Water makes it's way through tiny cracks and joints that are often invisible to your eyes. Also, keep in mind that most walls are made from porous materials.

2. When is it time to call a basement waterproofing company?

It is time to call expert help the moment you detect any sign of water intrusion. The problem is that water is difficult to see. You may not notice moisture spots even if you try looking for them. When you feel that your basement has become more humid than usual or you smell a musky, moldy odor, chances are your basement walls are wet. It is now a good time to call the experts to assess the problem.

3. What could happen if I wait longer?

Any problem left unsolved turns out to be a worse problem. If you won't get your basement leaks fixed right away, four things could happen: (1) your property will get damaged further, (2) you decrease your home's property value, (3) you put the health of your family at risk, and (4) you can't get sound sleep thinking that your basement is leaking.

4. Can I do some fixing myself?

Fix your own basement leaks only if you know plumbing. Otherwise, you could make matters worse. You could also consider trying DIY basement or leak repair kits, but calling professional plumbers is always the most practical and less expensive option in the long run.

5. What should I look for when choosing a basement waterproofing company?

Get in touch only with a licensed basement waterproofing company that is quick, reliable and equipped with the most modern tools, as well as having fully certified plumbers, years of service experience, and very friendly personnel. Basement Waterproofing Center is all these.

6. How do I get started?

Determine the source of the leak. This will save the plumber some time since it could take a while pointing where the tiny leaks or cracks are. If your own plumbing skills or DIY kit won't do, call us to assess the situation. We will assess in detail what's going on, make an estimate and provide a recommendation. You can ask more details about the leak, necessary work, rate, payment scheme, warranties, and contract.

7. Do I get freebies and special offers?

Yes. With Basement Waterproofing Center, the customer always comes first. We provide free no-obligation quotes and a 25-year warranty. That means-never worry about the same problem for the next 25 years. Also, you get quality service at fair rates and with flexible financing schemes.

8. Do I get an estimate first?

Yes, and it is free of charge (unless highly specialized). You are under no obligation whatsoever to sign any contracts if you are not satisfied with the estimate.

9. How long will the work take?

As it is with any other house maintenance or repair, the length of time to get a work done depends on the nature of the problem. If you've called soon enough and your basement conditions have not worsened, chances are the work won't take very long. Basement Waterproofing Center deploys plumbers and technicians that are highly skilled and backed with 10 years of work experience. They are familiar with a variety of basement waterproofing problems.

10. How do I pay?

You can work out a financing plan that fits you well. The most common forms of payments are via Credit Card, Cheque & Bank Draft. Get in touch with our customer relations representative for details.

11. What if our basement still leaks after the service?

We can say with confidence-there won't be any more problems. But in case something had gone amiss during the work and your basement continues to leak, we will come to take care of the problem.

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