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Customer Reviews

Waterproofing Foundation and Replacement of Clay Pipes

Very professional and quick! We had a flood in our basement and found out it was the result of sewer back up and foundation leek. These guys came in right away and started working immediately. They were extremely neat and tidy; they showed up at 7:30am and didn't leave until 7pm. There is now no leaking at all and I would very highly recommend using them!

John W.



The WC crew came into my house to fix existing waterproofing that was made wrong. Foreman explained to me everything that was done wrongfully, and promised to do the job right and on time. He also understood my situation, and expenses that I had to suffer, and didn't charge me as much, as in other estimates. The guys did their job very professionally; they organized their time properly, and left their place clean after they left. THANK YOU WATERPROOFING CENTER!!!



Leaky Basement

Water was coming into the bedroom of my furnished short term rental income property. It was important to get it fixed quickly between guests. I did not want to dig up the front of the house at the beginning of our busiest season. Waterproofing guys responded quickly and gave me the best quote and the fastest service! I picked them from a newspaper ad and was a bit dubious. They did tell me that the best way was to dig from the outside, but I could not do that at this time of year. The crew was great, very clean. Walter, the foreman, kept in communication. They were professional and provided me with licensing papers. The work was done quickly and looks very good. They had to dig down through the basement concrete floor which necessitated removing drywall, studs, insulation. They installed weeping tiles, a strong membrane, redirected a problem drain. They do not replace drywall and studs, etc., but referred me to Ivan, a carpenter/handyman colleague who is doing an excellent job as well. Great service! I would highly recommend Waterproofing Center and will use them again. In my furnished rental business, I am often asked if I know good trades people. I will use this site for referrals! I did not know it existed until now. Thanks a lot!



Waterproofing after Broken Main Pipe

From the initial visit great care was taken in finding out where the water was coming from and it was difficult to find. Once found, they took the time to explain what was needed and address all questions/concerns thoroughly. The crew led by Andrew was very impressive, they worked hard did a thorough job, completed the job on time, and left the site in good and tidy order. Bottom line, the outside pipe was replaced and our basement is dry! I will call them again without any hesitation for any future plumbing issues that may arise.

Barbara T



Waterproofing Center recently completed waterproofing on two sides of our Etobicoke home. All of the work was carefully hand dug by a wonderful crew. Our weeping tiles were cracked and had large tree roots in the tiles. The work was excellent and professionally executed. We would HIGHLY recommend WC to anyone who wants assurance that there home will be protected in the future from any water damage by a company who has the expertise.



Home Waterproofing

We were referred to Waterproofing Center by our neighbours, after our basement had flooded from the July storms. Not only they were available on short notice, but knowledgeable, took the time to go over our options, and made sure we got the best, and most cost effective service! When he and his crew arrived to start the job, they were extremely clean and professional, and left everything spotless when they left. The basement is now leak-free and we will 100% be using them for all of our similar needs in the future! My wife and I highly recommend these guys and were very impressed with the high quality work.

Robert D

Old Toronto

Drain Repair and Basement Waterproofing

Our plumbing and basement water leakage problem solved! Fast, very knowledgeable, courteous and at very competitive prices. Quality work, great crew,and on time! Important details never overlooked and the post work clean-up excellent. You could not ask for a more professional team, with a strong network of contractors to solve all your waterworks, plus more.

Mike and Jill


Basement Waterproofing

Last year my family bought a home. When the rain season came, we found out the house had cracks and had to be waterproofed. We called a few places, and the average estimate was 15,000$. We kept looking around and found this company in the yellow pages. Their team came over quick, and gave us a quote of 10,000$. At first i was skeptical, but let me re-assure you they did a really solid job. Their staff was very polite and professional about their business. I am very happy with the quality of work. Thanks



Waterproofing and Drain Pipe Replacement

I have to say a big thank-you to this wonderful crew for a job expertly done. Recently my 80 year-old treasure of a home was in need of some serious plumbing work: a major drainpipe, a main waterline and fundamental waterproofing for the basement. Needless to say, not only was expertise required but very specific care in executing the job in the most professional manner. Waterproofing Center proved to be the most professional crew I have worked with in a long history of renovating homes. They were efficient, knowledgeable, fastidious and trustworthy. They even provided a very accommodating payment schedule suited to my needs. I am more than happy to recommend their excellent services to any homeowner who is looking for expert and dependable professionals to meet their plumbing needs.

N. Michael

Forest Hill

Basement Waterproofing

Our basement had a big waterproofing problem. it took a long time to find a right man for the job after long searches on craigslist, kijiji, google and 25 contractors in my house i am proud of my choice. They did a very good job. Fast, clean, and everything was delivered as promised. I’m really glad i chose them at first i had doubts -their price was much lower then most of contractors in GTA but let me tell you i can really compare my neighbors work and mine BIG difference. Take my word and use them. Thank You so so much!



Basement Waterproofing and Sewer Pipe Replacement

We knew we had a problem with our Leslieville home when we bought it. It has a brick foundation that leaks whenever we got rain. I called several companies and Waterproofing Center guy was the first to show up, most wouldn't come by for a quote for at least two-three weeks. PPs quote came well under any others and he'd work to our schedule. The night before they were to show up my wife gave birth to our second son. Normally this should have been a nightmare, a crew ripping up the foundation with a toddler and new born in the house in the middle of a heat wave. But you'd never know they were there. They fixed the problem and put everything back the way it was, as side from a small strip of gravel against the side of the house you'd never know it had been a huge trench only 24 hours earlier. With the job they also offered to scope our drains for us for free. I was scared as anyone with a 100yr old house in downtown TO would be. Of course there was a blockage just under the front of the house and a 3 way wye with our neighbours in the front yard needed to be replaced. Last thing we wanted was to rip up our finished basement with my wife on mat leave, who uses this room all the time with the children. The foreman tells me he can cut a small trench in the utility room and a small hole in the front yard and blast a new pipe through. I was fairly skeptical, but just like the first job, they were done in two days and the yard looks like someone just spilled some top soil. Now we have a basement that doesn't leak and we don't have to constant fear of having a backup in our basement. I would hire WC for any other jobs I would have without question. No BS no back peddling and no inflated prices once they dig up your yard/basement. Very professional and extremely clean, they even replanted all our flowers. They definitely earn the reviews they've gotten on this site.

Tom W


Basement Waterproofing

Now many companies of this type, on the recommendation I chose the Waterproofing Center. I had an extreme situation, like the speed and quality. I am very pleased with the attitude to the work of this company. Very outgoing and savvy work.



High Water Table

I was tiling my basement floor and the tiles were cracking because the concrete was wet due to a high water table. Someone from this company came out and assessed the problem, we had a high water table and it was literally breaking down the concrete. He very confidently and quickly assessed the problem and came up with the solution to put a proper weeping tile and sump pump system in. It has fixed our problems and we are very grateful My advice to anyone is to use Waterproofing Center for any of your plumbing or waterproofing needs, do it right the first time with them. Thank You!!! !



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